Brittany Weber, LCSW

"Be proud of yourself for how hard you are trying" -anonymous

You have pushed yourself hard enough but sometimes we all need help. Everyday struggles can leave us wondering why life can be so difficult. Our life should not feel like something we need to escape from. Let's work together on making life more simple by working through those problems together.

Working with individuals has always pushed me to be a better therapist. Each client I have had the pleasure of working with has brought new knowledge and individualized situations that have allowed us to work together on finding unique solutions. In my experience with mental health and physical health, the two are equally as important and along with time and patience a person can achieve their goals of achieving both. Helping clients cope with their problems takes time and learned skills that we will work on together; allowing the mind to take back the power and control and will limit that voice of shame and doubt. My ultimate mission with each client is to use therapeutic tools to bring each client closer to their individual goals for overall wellbeing. I have many years of experience in working with clients in very different settings. I have worked with many different types of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, races along with all different types of spiritualities and religions. I have worked with clients on issues pertaining to anxiety, depression, mood disorders, LGBTQI+ community members, ADD/ADHD, the autism spectrum, learning disorders, bullying, low self-esteem, grief, paraphilic disorders, sexual assault, and overall working on empowering each client to overcome their past to make for a better future. I have participated in group therapy and family therapy sessions also.

The type of practice I find most effective is Cognitive behavioral therapy along with interpersonal theory. These practices allow me to get to know the real you and find common patterns that could be causing distress. Along with these methods, I tend to use narrative therapy that allows the client to tell me their story while looking at me as an equal. Other practices I like to use is strength-based theory that allows every client to understand empowerment and how to see themselves as the prevailing individual they are. Finally, with experience and a passion for the LGBTQI+ community, I am trained in the Queer Theory that goes above affirmation. This includes real steps on having you learn to accept and love yourself with your true identity.  We also will focus on many of the obstacles that face the LGBTQI+ community that people outside of this community do not have to face.

No problem is too small, no person is too broken, everyone deserves to be happy, confident, and feel they are in control of their life. I would be honored to help you start on that journey today. Contact me today to start your journey to a happier and healthier life. your text here...